Friday, April 24, 2015

Facebook Permissions

I should have posted an update about this years ago when I removed Feep from the Android Market! The reason I removed the app is because the Facebook platform is not completely open, which prevents an app like Feep to be useful to the end user. Specifically, your friends have a simple permission switch in their Settings to block all 3rd party apps from accessing their data. Feep is a 3rd party app. Many Facebook users enable this setting to prevent SPAM from rude games, and other apps that don't respect your account. This means that if you use an app like Feep, your friends posts, comments, or anything else will be missing from the Feep interface if the block all 3rd party apps setting is turned on.

From the beginning Feep simply acted as another Facebook client, allowing users to interact with their account with a different interface. Feep never spammed anyone, or used data in a bad way. Unfortunately because of the bad apps out there, Facebook decided that providing this permissions was the best way to protect users. You can read more about this here:

I hope that someday Facebook will create a trusted partner program, allowing trusted apps like Feep to access the same information as the official Facebook client, and I can reintroduce Feep to the market!